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This site is dedicated to open discussion about the former linguistic island known as Gottschee (Kocevje), Slovenia. You will also find information about Gottscheer geneaology, villages, food, and folklore.

All contributions have been made by our loyal group of participants since the site's inception in 1995.

Welcome, and enjoy your visit.

Gottscheer Bulletin Board

Join us for Gottscheer Chat every Sunday night at in the Gottscheer Plauderzimmer and the PZ 2 (login required).

This page contains past discussions, inquiries, and information about Gottschee and family geneaology.

If you landed on this page as a result of an internet search engine hit, this bulletin board is devoted to discussion about the former German-speaking area of Slovenia now known as "Kocevje".

This board no longer accepts new entries. We have created the Gottscheer Blog to encourage new discussions. I encourage you to register to use the Gottscheer Blog to post new information.

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